Lake Bolsena with views over the islandLake Bolsena This picturesque town is situated on the lake of the same name, well-loved by sailors, kayakers and windsurfers. A walk through the splendid Turona Park leads the visitor by small necropolises and fourteenth century watermills; the Monaldeschi castle and the church of S. Cristina also merit a visit. The lake is dotted with delightful islands, such as Bisentina, with its primordial forest of oak trees, and Martana, shaped like a half moon, where legend has it that S. Cristina's remains were hidden in 410 AD, to save them from the barbarians.

Above the port of Marta, a fishing village, a medieval borgo crowds around the imposing clock tower. The long, peaceful beach is shaded by plane trees. Capodimonte, overlooking the lake, boasts the striking Farnese fort, as well as a long beach of black sand, from ancient volcanic activity.

Here are a select few:

Spring , Flower festival and Corpus Domini.
July 23-24, the Mysteries of S. Cristina, a procession concluding at the Santissimo Salvatore church.
Third Sunday of June, the "Palio del Lago", a reenactment of the historical race on the lake, which took place in 1462, from Capodimonte to Bisentina, in honor of the pope's visit
May 14
Festa della Barabbata, to celebrate the earth's fertility, with a procession of men that climb from the lake's edge to the small sanctuary of the Madonna del Monte.

January 17, Festa di Sant'Antonio Abate, celebrated with the benediction of animals, the lighting of a bonfire and the distribution of toasted bread with freshly squeezed olive oil.
January 20, Festival of the Patron Saint Sebastiano.
Second Sunday after Easter, Festa della Madonna delle Grazie.
June 13 , Procession of Corpus Domini, with a flower festival.
Early August, "Sagra del coregone" (whitefish festival), all along the lake, stands distribute dishes prepared with the freshly caught fish.