Park monsters of Bomarzo This ancient borgo, of Etruscan origin, is a perfectly preserved jewel of medieval architecture, just a few kilometers from Viterbo and Terni. Of particular interest: the Santa Maria Assunta church (with the remains of S. Anselmo) and Palazzo Orsini. It was Prince Pier Vicino, one-time resident of the Palazzo, who set up the famous Park of Monsters, an absolute must-see for visitors to the region. The sculpture and architecture in the park make the most of the "fantastic" nature of their surroundings.

Here are a select few:
From April 23 to 26
"La Sagra del Biscotto" (biscuit festival).
"Festa del Palio", during which runners cover all five neighborhoods.
The festival of the town's patron saint, Anselmo.