Castle of Viterbo Also known as the "City of Popes" (the ancient papal residence is the city's monumental symbol), Viterbo is well known for its thermal baths (Terme dei Papi and Terme del Bullicame). Surrounded by beautiful towns such as Ronciglione, Soriano nel Cimino, Vitorchiano and Vignanello, the city also boasts a large natural reserve called "Selva del Lamone".

Here are a select few:
May 1, San Pellegrino in Fiore, when all the town's stairways, arches, fountains and windowsills bloom, as the town is decked with plants and flowers. Various cultural activities are always scheduled alongside the botanical bonanza
September 3, a procession with the monumental "Macchina di Santa Rosa", carried by some 100 porters through the town. A festival is also held the following Sunday
August-September, Baroque Festival,
international festival with Baroque musicians from all over the world Second half of March, Fiera dell'Annunziata
Throughout the year, Antiques fairs (info: